Yohei Nishitsuji / 西辻󠄀 陽平

Yohei Nishitsuji

& an alien.

I am actively involved with physics of the Earth and the Moon, machine-learning applications, and network science. I have worked on acoustic and elastic wave phenomena over 15 years now. During this time, I had many chances to think of the beauty and wonder of fractal -self-similarity- through not only mathematical expressions such as trigonometric function but also evident structures of the nature such as coastal lines, leaves, blood vessels, ammonite and galaxy clusters.
Although most of my time so far has been spent on science, the more I research, the more I get attracted to things which are difficult to explain logically or by rules. Those things include human unconsciousness, the reality, and the universe itself.
I leave philosophical discussions and debates to the domain of thoughts. Here, instead, let me borrow the power of mathematics with programming to challenge the universe.
My challenge to the universe is whether this world which we recognize through our perceptions can be simulated or not. This is the simulation hypothesis. For this, OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) is used with codes as short as possible.
Using shorter codes is of importance as it would indicate that more complex visions can be simulated when more computations are used.



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Lead Portfolio of Art

  • macroscopic microscope
    • An infinity of the universe and fungi. 266 chars. Link.
  • electric microscope
    • A simulated electric microscope. 248 chars. Link.
  • the Buddha
      An infinity of the Alayavijnana Consciousness. 257 chars. Link.
  • lotus
    • A simulated red lotus. 267 chars. Link.
  • deep galaxy
    • Deep galaxy in the multiverse. 266 chars. Link.
  • the moon surface
      The moon. 275 chars. Link.
  • digitalized water
    • A realistic view can be simulated. 256 chars. Link.