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Shadow of

Science is the shadow of The Real. It depicts and reflects parts of what reality is, not the other way around. We all should humbly accept this. By doing so, we may even exceed our current limitations of what science is supposedly capable of foreseeing. Accepting these limitations could, ironically, un-limit them.
The reality I refer to here is the thing or existence that is utterly beyond the world we are physically able to perceive with our five senses. It is what Jacques Lacan means by The Real and relates to what Friedrich Nietzsche means by the Dionysian.
Natural science aims to comprehensively understand what nature is. However, the nature in this context is not The Real but the secondary nature, which Gilles Deleuze unveiled. We consciously generate and transform this secondary nature along with the developmental process to manage what we are given by the Mother. That is the Dionysian.


Awards / Grants

  • July Award / 1st Ideathon on Star-E Project by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (2022)
  • Shell Award / Best Paper Award by TU Delft Geosciences Research Meeting (2017)
  • Oversea Travel Grant by the Seismological Society of Japan (2007)
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